that matter

"As a lifelong resident of Macomb County, I believe that with more common sense and a lot less politics, we can find the solutions to make our community an even better place to live, work and raise a family. As your State Representative, I will be focused on setting clear priorities that help our hard-working residents get ahead."

Attract Careers

For Michigan to continue its economic comeback, we must pursue solutions that make our state a magnet for jobs so people can afford to live, work and raise a family here. We must reject the failed policies of the past that once killed jobs and drove Michigan's economy into the ground.

Michigan's greatest assets are its people, and our state's continued growth depends on our skilled and talented work force. Government doesn't create jobs -- local small businesses create jobs. However, to increase jobs and household incomes, state government must make smart policy decisions that creates an economically competitive environment to ensure talent, infrastructure and resources job creator's value most are available here in Michigan.


When politicians overspend, too often their solution is to raise taxes. To keep Michigan competitive, we must keep taxes low for workers, job creators, and families.


  • Repeal the senior retirement tax

  • Oppose new sales taxes on everyday items and services

  • Oppose higher gas taxes and oppose turning Michigan freeways into toll roads

  • Support lower income taxes


In a tough economy, you don't raise taxes; people deserve to keep more of what they earn so they can provide for their family.​



To achieve fiscal accountability, we must reign in wasteful spending and balance the state budget responsibly. It starts by prioritizing what is important. This economy has forced hard-working families and seniors living on fixed incomes to live within their means, and now it is time for the politicians to do the same with our tax dollars.


A bright future with a good job begins with a great education. The federal government shouldn't be dictating standards for our neighborhood schools; parents know what's best for their children and we need to ensure more decisions are made at the local level.

  • Ensure more money winds up in classrooms so teachers and students have necessary resources

  • Assist students in reaching their full potential and insist that all schools adhere to high standards

  • Increase vocational training and dual-enrollment to help students and their families to get ahead

Protecting Lake St. Clair

In order to grow our local economy and preserve property values, protecting Lake St. Clair is vital. We need to get serious about stopping sewer overflows polluting our water.