Working for you.

"As a retired auto dealer with 40 years of business and economic experience, Joe knows we cannot be complacent. We must remain vigilant to further force our government to set clear priorities that protect seniors on fixed-incomes and ensure our hard-working residents can get ahead - not just get by.


After 40 successful years in the automotive business, raising and educating a family, and now welcoming grandchildren, my life experience and business expertise give me a unique opportunity to give back to the community that has given my family such a nice life.


With inflation raging, record gas prices, and the economy on the brink, the time is right to make a difference for Michigan families. My goal is to get as much money back in the hands of the taxpayer as possible to help get through this challenging economic time.


I believe an integral part of governing is similar to running a business. You have to control costs and eliminate wasteful spending, provide an optimal environment to offer your product or service, and have the skilled workforce to execute. Healthy business invests in the economy in many forms, most importantly they provide dependable income to the workforce who in turn cycle money thru the economy and are able to do the things to enjoy their lives with more quality. I have done this as an employer and businessman my entire life and feel I am well suited to continue in the public sector.


Joe is passionate about making our state better and he is active in groups that are fighting for a brighter future:


- Right to Life of Michigan

- National Rifle Association

- Michigan Chamber of Commerce

- Michigan Freedom Network

- Great Lakes Education Project

- Special Olympics

- Make-A-Wish Foundation

- Healing the Children

- Macomb County Republican Party

- Huron Pointe Homeowners Association

Joe has owned a home in Harrison Twp., MI since 1987. After raising and educating a family and now being a 62-year-old grandfather, he has lived just about life experience possible. Blessed to still have his 91 year old father also living in Harrison Twp., he is intimately familiar with the challenges our seniors face and will always stand up for them.





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I believe that with more common sense and a lot less politics, we can find the solutions to make Macomb, and our entire state, an even better place to live, work and raise a family. I know that I work for you. As your State Representative, I will always fight to force our government to set clear priorities that help hard-working people get ahead.


In your service,